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FX-550 TiB

/ Folding knives


Design by Denis Simonutti

cod. FX-550 TiB

Weight: 140 gr - 4.94 oz


Fox Knives' Radius knife has shaken up the cutting tool world with its revolutionary innovation. Introduced at the Blade Show in Atlanta in 2019, this knife quickly gained the attention and respect of the knife enthusiast and expert community. What makes the Radius truly extraordinary is its unique and patented locking system.
Thanks to this innovative mechanism, the blade can be opened and closed with one hand, making the knife incredibly practical and convenient for a wide range of applications.
The secret of the Radius' success lies in its intuitive and responsive closing button. Just a light pressure on this button and the blade pops into the open position, ready for immediate use. And when it's time to put the knife away, simply press the button again to close the blade quickly and securely. This simple yet ingenious solution gives users instant access to their cutting tool without having to waste time with complicated opening and closing mechanisms.
The excellence of the Radius was recognized by the knife enthusiast community with two prestigious awards at the Blse Show in Atlanta. The title of "Imported Knife of the Year" and the "Overall Knife of the Year" award attest to the level of ingenuity and quality craftsmanship incorporated into this innovative product.
In addition to its superior functionality, the Radius from Fox Knives also stands out for its sleek, ergonomic design. The clean lines and sturdy construction make it not only a valuable addition to any enthusiast's knife collection, but also a reliable tool for everyday challenges.