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/ Folding knives


Design by VOX

cod. FX-530 ALBL

Weight: 116 gr - 4.09 oz


In 19th century China, a member of the prestigious Chiu family started the history of the famous Shilin knives. These knives, completely handmade, represented unparalleled craftsmanship excellence. The secret of their production was jealously guarded and passed down to only a select few, who later migrated to Taiwan, taking this ancient tradition with them. As time passed, the knowledge to create these knives became increasingly rare. Many people who possessed this skill stopped making them, thus interrupting the passage of the tradition. However, despite the challenges, families in Taipei who once produced Shilin knives have ceased their activities, leaving a gap in the continuation of this ancient art. The Chilin knife draws direct inspiration from the history and tradition of Shilin knives. The craftsmanship and excellence that characterize Shilin knives have profoundly influenced the design and production of the Chilin knife. Every detail, from material selection to craftsmanship, has been carefully considered to ensure superior performance and exceptional durability while paying homage to the historic knife.