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FX-596 AF

/ Fixed blade


cod. FX-596 AF

Weight: 223 gr - 7.87 oz


The Veleno FX-596 dagger revisits the project requested by the Special Intervention Group of the Carabinieri in 2022. The GIS is a unit established on February 6, 1978, to ensure security following the increase in terrorist activities and disturbances of public order and safety that occurred in those years in Italy. Originally composed of Carabinieri from the then 1st Paratroopers Carabinieri Battalion "Tuscania," access is currently only through passing a competition.
To this day, the unit ensures counter-terrorism and anti-guerrilla operations in Italy. This unit, with its dual nature of Special Forces and Special Police Unit, continues to update and train to adapt its capabilities to better face every type of unconventional threat, making the group a force, as their motto states, "In Singuli Virtute Aciei Vis" (in the capabilities of the individual lies the strength of the group).
The design of Veleno stems from a reinterpretation of their ceremonial dagger (originally the Mark II produced by the Gerber company, out of production for several years) and is presented with exquisite and sought-after materials.