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cod. FX-0171111

Weight: 1245 gr - 43.92 oz


The FKMD folding field shovel is an innovative patented solution that combines high-quality materials with intelligent design to ensure optimal performance in a compact format. Crafted with patented FRN® and durable aluminum, its design features a folding handle that minimizes bulk, making it perfect for situations where space is at a premium. Its versatility is further enhanced by the three different working angles of the blade: 90°, 135°, and 180° relative to the handle. Whether you need to dig, cut, or scrape, this shovel adapts to your needs with ease and precision.
The FKMD folding field shovel is incredibly robust and lightweight, thanks to the combination of high-quality materials and careful construction. This durability does not compromise its portability; on the contrary, it makes it a reliable companion wherever you go.
With its Nylon® 1000D sheath with MOLLE system, this shovel is ready to be transported wherever you go. The MOLLE system allows it to be easily attached to backpacks, belts, or other compatible gear, ensuring quick and secure access when needed.

NATO Code (NUC-NSN): 5120-15-205-0607