FOX2 Manufacturing


In 2008 Oreste Frati together with his son Gabriele and Andrea De Lorenzi, a blacksmith of Maniago, found the production plant of Euro Knives Italia Srl with the main aim to respond to the increasing customers’ demands. In 2021 Fox and Euroknives merged together becoming one reality the FOX2 Manufacturing. Today in this plant, are planned and produced knives of modern cutlery, FOX, FKMD, and other major world-class brands.

Our company can offer and guarantee for the special forces and for the hunting and outdoor activities: highly qualified personnel, the latest generation CNC machinery, high-tech and wide selection of the best materials.

Once the products are finished, they are transferred to the Fox Cutlery, where they’re inspected by quality control, packaged, and then shipped to the end customers, following all the guidelines of our quality system ISO 9001.

“In FOX2, we forge knives joining our long-time experience and passion with new and innovative ideas”
Gabriele Frati