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2022 - COQUUS | Red Dot Design Award - Product design 2021 - SATURN | Imported Knife of the Year and Overall Knife of the Year 2020 -

The three souls of

Fox Group



Fox Knives is born

Due Cigni


Due Cigni since 1896



Defcon 5 is born

Fox Knives

Fox Knives Production

Defcon 5

90 employees



15 awards

" There is only one way to face and overcome the challenge of time: to be able to question yourself, with humility and enthusiasm. "

Fox Knives: the ability to seize new signals sent out from a global market.
Due Cigni: the timeless aspiration to style.
Defcon 5: the boldness to pursue unexplored horizons.

The DNA of Fox Group is the result of the merging of three companies, which today make up an industrial Group, giving it an imprint with the distinctive features summarized in the three logos: three symbols that unleash the energy of three companies, young in spirit but with a knowledge and expertise refined in a total of nearly two centuries of manufacturing experience.

" A virtuous combination of contemporaneity and classicism, innovation and tradition, technology and elegance, in a working dimension where handcrafted creativity coexists with industrial vision. "

The legacy Between

Friuli and Tuscany


Gabriele Frati, Valnea Vittoria del Mistro and Claudia Costantin

The history of Fox Group is more than a simple industrial story. It is an encounter made in Italy of places and destinies. It is the story of Oreste Frati, Tuscan from Roccastrada, and Valnea Vittoria Del Mistro, Friulian from Maniagolibero, united in life and in business. Oreste brought with him the curiosity of the Renaissance tradesman, who seeks inspiration in faraway places with the goal of creating at home the object never seen before and thus leaving his own distinctive mark. Through the wisdom of her homeland, Valnea carefully handled Oreste’s dreams. Today, their son Gabriele has taken up the legacy of this spirit and manages the company together with his mother, his wife Claudia and some trusted craftsmen: amongst these masters of Maniago, who look back on at least five centuries of artisanal expertise, the future of the blades shines.

Technological soul and outdoor heart

Fox Knives is the Group’s technological soul. Deeply rooted in the outdoor knife sector for more than four decades, the company has welcomed and embraced the requests from collectors and connoisseurs from all over the world. Interacting with a dynamic and competitive market, the company has chosen to walk down the lane of research and development of new ideas, which have been interpreted with extraordinary versatility, managing a multitude of productive variables with a “lean” approach.


Expert hands for


The project-based intelligence and the productive efficiency allow Fox Knives to channel and concentrate the value of their products in those “sacred moments” that, for hundreds of years and still today, are the soul of Maniago’s metal-working: like an absolute pitch those unique and delicate touches prevail above the noise of the machines. This is the thrilling signature of man, a uniqueness impressed by centuries of continuously refined performances. It is a reservoir of passion and sensibility cultivated like the most precious asset of the company: the energy innervated by each Fox knife bears the imprint of the past with the drive towards the future.

New productive horizons 4.0

For a High-Tech production

Fox Knives has encouraged the company’s growth through significant strategic investments, transforming the production system: technological research and ground-breaking processes, integration of quality control and logistics, automation with solutions 4.0. The work is performed more and more by robotic cells. After having recently set up the one for the sharpening and grinding processes, others will follow for the abrasive belt and perforation processes as well as for the Satin finish.

" The future of Fox starts over every single day. "


Organized genius

Between design and programming


The most demanding challenge for Fox Knives, facing the worldwide distribution of the brand, is to balance its “craftsman’s instinct” with the programming of a more and more complex production. In order to intensely interconnect inspiration and industrialization, design and conception, external designers and internal technicians cooperate side by side during the first steps of the realization process: within a framework of method a vibrant flow of ideas is giving amazing results.

A stylishness that rises again

Powered by Fox

Fox Fox

The encounter between the company Due Cigni and Fox Group brings down the walls between innovation and tradition: the driving force of Fox imprints spirit and character to the distinguished style of an established brand, daring with new shapes and materials and with unprecedented audacity, as the one of matching titanium handles with damask blades in kitchen knives. Tremors of modernness for a stainless beauty.

Tactical products

for the toughest challenges

It is an official supplier of the

NATO Armies

Fox Knives has always taken up the production of outdoor knives for the defense sector and, during its period of growth, in 2006 Defcon 5 comes to life, offering a line of military clothing and equipment. The transition imposes an industry consolidation so to guarantee the navigation in a new market with appropriate credentials. Today Defcon 5 offers innovative solutions for the Italian Army and for the armed forces of other countries. The company is working on projects for Defense and Security.

Following certifications have been obtained:

Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015
Environmental Certification ISO 14001:2015.

Defcon 5
Defcon 5

Creative design

And vision of market

Conceiving, ahead of time, ergonomic and functional design solutions. Choosing, test and try out the best materials. Developing new products: from clothing to tactical equipment. Ensuring to the customers a complete offer, supplemented with innovative products of international brands. These are potential and abilities that Defcon 5 puts in place in its design department, its workshops and its marketing department. This is the only way to be present in fifty countries and the reason why we have achieved an exportation rate exceeding 50%.

Today the MILITARY COLLECTIONS, developed in co-operation with the top decision-making levels of the armies and armed forces, are complemented by the URBAN AND OUTDOOR COLLECTIONS, dedicated to civilian use and sold in specialized shops with the support of distributors throughout Europe and a network of agents.

Maneuvers in real-time


The necessity to engage promptly with military clients on a national and international level has made so that Defcon 5 has developed a first-class logistics system: the management of the warehouse is completely digitalized. The data exchange in real-time ensures the trackability of the goods and the immediate availability of the products. The goods are always available on stock; in Italy the deliveries are guaranteed within 2 or 3 working days and in Europe within 5. Thanks to its organization Defcon 5 draws Fox Group closer to the world.